im done with tumblr.

im moving on. BYE. i’ll miss you 


its all we ask for.

willie is hella drunk.

after he was done throwing up, he actually says ‘i love you’

serious moment we had. :)

Dude, im not dumb. i know you were there.

you got my text, be respectful since you werent to me.

shady. dont you understand that word.

im different when it comes to problems like this. 

all i want is people to step up and admit they were wrong when they indeed were at fault. i dont understand why thats so hard.

dont you want to grow up and learn from your mistakes?

just gets me upset….

dont be near him or his house.


Christian Bale


Christian Bale

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my strawberry pits!!! i miss these! :(

my strawberry pits!!! i miss these! :(

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falling alspeeppppp

What don’t you understand when I say NADA?!

Gets me pissed off.

Why aren’t we honest? I mean every person in this world. Why are we so afraid of confrontation? Of affecting other peoples feelings and emotions. I understand it’s scary but being honest makes you grow. I’ve been afraid to be honest but I still do it. I do it because that’s the type of person I am. I like problems that are affecting my relationship to be solved. But I find it unfair when your significant other is lying to your face. You lose all trust in them. You become cautious and questioning their every move. Why must guys lie? Tell you all this let’s be honest with each other crap and yet break em themselves. I’m glad I had people around me come up to me and tell me what was going on behind my back. To not look like a fool. These were girls that I don’t associate myself with. I highly appreciate their honesty. I like to be told what I don’t see. There is good out there from other girls.

Just be honest from the beginning. Prolonging the situation makes things blow up into a huge problem. Which is unnecessary.